Saturday, January 11, 2014

Brave nurses from World War II lauded

In a new book being released in February, "Pure Grit", two nurses are featured. The book is penned by award-winning journalist and author Mary Cronk Ferrell.  These nurses were taken prisoner and subjected to the harsh conditions of being held in Japanese POW camps.
Lt. Col. Edith Wimberly of Natchitoches Parish and Lt. Col. Hattie Brantley of Jefferson, Texas, were among the almost 80 U.S. military nurses captured during the fall of the U.S. possession in the western Pacific in early 1942, women known to history as the “Angels of Bataan.”

 The amazing women of WWII...the nurses, the pilots in training, the ones back home who dealt with children, rationing and taking up the slack of work men left here, deserve our recognition.

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