Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 1942 - Naval Battle of Guadalcanal Begins

Smoke rises from two Japanese planes shot down during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, 12 November 1942. Photographed from USS President Adams (AP-38); ship at right is USS Betelgeuse (AK-28).
The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, took place from 12–15 November 1942, and was the decisive engagement in a series of naval battles between Allied (primarily United States) and Imperial Japanese forces during the months-long Guadalcanal campaign in the Solomon Islands during World War II. The action consisted of combined air and sea engagements over four days, most near Guadalcanal and all related to a Japanese effort to reinforce land forces on the island. The only two U.S. Navy admirals to be killed in a surface engagement in the war were lost in this battle.

World War II Medal of Honor recipients honored with new stamp

The last living World War II recipients of the Medal of Honor are being honored on Veterans Day with the First Day of Issue dedication ceremony at the World War II Memorial in Washington.
It is becoming more and more important to honor those of our Greatest Generation.  Two of the twelve MOH recipients being recognized on this stamp passed away before the stamp was released.

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