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Dr. John Bassett - Aleutian Islands Campaign

Not many people heard much about Attu or the Aleutian Islands battles.  This campaign didn't receive much coverage in the media.  Nearly every American knows the names Iwo Jima, Normandy, Okinawa, Berlin, Bastogne, and Guadalcanal.  Yet, according to historian Brian Garfield,
“In proportion to the number of troops engaged, it would rank as the second most costly American battle in the Pacific Theater—second only to Iwo Jima.”
Dr. John Bassett served as a physician in the 7th Medical Battalion.  When their forward post was overrun, he found more American soldiers, asking for a rifle to continue the fight.
The citation given to Bassett’s widow with a Silver Star said “the enemy overran the advance posts of the 7th Medical Battalion, where tents in two ravines were filled with casualties and medical personnel. Armed with bayonets they attacked without any warning, stabbing the scarcely awakened occupants. Those in sleeping bags were completely helpless and were killed on the spot.”
Joe Sasser, from Carthage, MS saw Dr. Bassett finally retrieve a rifle and was lying on the ground about 15 feet away from him.  They had no idea he was already wounded from the 7th Medical Battalion attack and Dr. Bassett died from his wounds.

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May 11, 1943 - American troops land on Attu Island

American troops invade Attu Island in the Aleutian Islands in an attempt to expel occupying Japanese forces.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Honor Flight of West Central Florida Returns from D.C. Trip

More than 600 people lined the baggage claim area to honor 79 World War II veterans in the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport this week.  It was a hero's welcome for a very deserving group.

Sarasota's Harlan Twible, who gave the orders to abandon ship during the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945, was the first one off the Allegiant Air flight. Led in by bagpipers and greeted by applause and American flag waving, the veterans capped a memorable day visiting Arlington National Cemetery, the Iwo Jima Memorial, the Lincoln, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials, and the World War II Memorial.
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May 10, 1940 - Germany Invasions; Churchill becomes PM

Germany invades Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands; Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom upon the resignation of Neville Chamberlain. The United Kingdom invades Iceland.
Belgium declares a state of emergency. Churchill is called on to form a wartime coalition government.
German paratroops capture the Belgian fort Eben Emael.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Veteran's heroics not forgotten

George Miller of Peters Creek received the U.S. Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross during a ceremony held April 29 at the Anchorage Veterans Memorial in Anchorage.
Photo courtesy of Michelle Clay/Michelle Clay Photography

George Miller finally received the Distinguished Flying Cross he earned while serving in World War II.
“I just kick myself for not going after it a long time ago.”
Disregard for his own safety and well-being.  Check.
Going above and beyond his duty.  Check.
Heroism.  Check.

I am very happy to read these articles and now Mr. Miller can enjoy the recognition and the medal in the display case.  He deserves all of it and more.

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May 9, 1945 - German troops surrender Bornholm, Denmark

German troops on Bornholm surrender to Soviet troops.

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The War: Norah Jones' American Anthem

There are a few things in life that I'm passionate about.  Early on, our parents taught us and set an example for their children that your faith, family and friends should be priorities.  Church and fellowship with friends and neighbors went hand-in-hand.

Letters From Walter Cronkite During World War II

A new book being release today, "Cronkite's War" chronicles the letters Mr. Cronkite wrote home during his time as an embedded reporter.

His grandson, Walt Cronkite, discovered the letters while researching his grandfather and worked with his former history professor to compile a book containing the letters.

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May 7, 1941 - Fighting in Iraq

Not a typo.

Between Habbaniya and Fallujah, two Iraqi columns are caught in the open and attacked by roughly forty British aircraft; the Iraqis suffer heavy casualties.

British troops looking at Baghdad, June 1941

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May 6, 1942 - Last Broadcast of Corregidor

From the Youtube video description :

In the year 1941 and '42 in the small island of Corregidor, 13,000 US and Filipino troops fought together against the Imperial Japanese forces. The battle lasted for months, from December to April 1942. The defenders fought valiantly and with great ferocity that the casualties of the more well-equipped, better supported in air and sea Japanese forces drastically mounted. Corregidor was the last stand of the Allies in the Philippines and the whole of Asia.
Ultimately the defense was weakened as more and more Japanese troops arrive and the defenders' casualties begin to rise. Lack of reinforcements further broke the will to fight on as the enemy drew closer.
This morse code broadcast is made by an American soldier Irving Strobing who took the time to spread the information of their final moments in defending "The Rock". It was transcribed in Hawaii by Sgt. Arnold Lappert.There's been a confusion in Strobing's rank, whether he is a lieutenant, sergeant, corporal, a private or an Army Signal Corps radioman. By the fall of Corregidor, and during this transmission, Strobing was likely a private and a radio operator.

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Honor Flight strikes again

Emalina Arreola, 5, waits with family members to welcome back World War II veterans after the first Las Vegas Honor Flight at McCarran International Airport Sunday, May 5, 2013. About 35 Southern Nevada veterans visited Baltimore and memorials in Washington D.C.
Crowds greeted veterans on their return flight from Washington, D.C. into Las Vegas Sunday, May 5.  I am so glad people make an effort to attend the welcome homes and show our WWII veterans their support.  I think it was always unspoken, but it is past time to show these men and women how much we all appreciate their sacrifices.

“They’re our greatest generation, these men and women. What they did in World War II should never be forgotten,” said U.S. Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev.
Southwest Airlines donated 25 tickets to the cause, and other sponsors pitched in boxed lunches for the flight to Washington.

If ever given the opportunity, don't hesitate to let our veterans know how much you appreciate them, their service and their sacrifice.  Especially for World War II veterans; we won't have the chance to thank them much longer.

More photos are included in a gallery in the article link below.

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May 6, 1942 - General Wainright surrenders the Philippines

On Corregidor, Lt. General Jonathan M. Wainwright surrenders the last U.S. forces in the Philippines to Lt. General Masaharu Homma. About 12,000 are made prisoners. Homma will soon face criticism from his superiors over the amount of time it has taken him to reduce the Philippines, and be forced into retirement (1943).

Sunday, May 5, 2013

PBS Documentary : The Ghost Army

Nearly 70 years after World War II ended, a new PBS documentary is pulling back the curtain on one of the war's most secret missions: "The Ghost Army." The film tells the story of an elite U.S. Army unit that deployed to Europe after D-Day and used all kinds of trickery to deceive Hitler's generals about the positions of American forces.

May 5, 1945 - Germany negotiates surrender

Formal negotiations for Germany's surrender begin at Reims, France.