Friday, April 12, 2013

Veterans share experiences with middle school students

The collective "we" need more of this.  Veterans of all wars should be gathered periodically to recount their own oral history to young people.  Middle school and high school students will be able to not only listen, but understand better what the veterans went through and the sacrifices they endured.
...World War II veterans who enthralled seventh- and eighth-grade history students with their experiences and hardships during the conflict with the Axis powers, including Germany and Japan.
Retired Lt. Col. C.E. "Mac" McLean, USMC, takes his turn to tell of his World War II experiences as he and other veterans share their stories with students at Marshwood Middle School on Thursday morning. Deb Cram/

Families should make an effort, while they can, to record their veteran's stories.  These accounts of our nation's history should be treasured.

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