Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prom during World War II

Gladys Conway
Photo : Carroll County Times
"It was simple, but fun."

Articles like this remind me of just how different life was for Americans at home during World War II than they have been for any war (or "conflict") since.  Sacrifices were made at all levels.  Rations on gasoline and even sugar were in effect.  Can anyone imagine having a very fine limit on how much gas you could purchase and use in 2013?  I know the reaction of most of the population:

It is always refreshing to remember how people can, and will "make do" with what they have and from Ms. Conway's account, had fun with it.
But 60 years ago, the glitz and glamour of prom was lost. In the midst of World War II, money was tight and rationing was in full effect.
Not to nitpick, but it was 70 years ago...but, I digress.  There was a different mentality throughout the country in World War II.  Just about anyone reading this can remember the feeling you, your family, your friends and your neighbors had on 9/12/2001.  Think back...that feeling of anger, resentment, sadness all rolled into one.  Wanting to do something and come together as a country to unify and somehow strike back at those who had attacked us.  That was the feeling that carried on for nearly 4 full years in the United States in World War II.  Due to various reasons, the feeling did not carry on after 9/11/2001.  To keep this as a World War II blog, I won't get into that, but on a lot of different levels, I don't blame the American public, as a whole, for losing some of that momentum after 9/11.

If there is any lesson in this article it should be that no matter what situation we find ourselves in, we should make the most of it, and not rely on fancy clothes or limousines or fine dining to define how much "fun" our life experiences can give us.