Sunday, April 7, 2013

POW's diary full of World War II detail

This is a piece of history that should be treasured.  I do hope they follow through with putting the diary online at some point because it would be fascinating.

Like any U.S. Navy chief storekeeper worth his salt, Albert S. Johnston kept precise records, taking care to print neatly.
His data-filled diary of the Zentsuji War Prisoners Camp on Shikoku Island in Japan where he spent all but a few days during World War II reflects that close attention to detail, says Jim Klug of Ashland.
"This is an historical treasure," said Klug, commander of the Oregon Military Order of the Purple Heart and the historian for the group nationally.
Klug's historian status put the diary in his hands for several months when he was loaned the diary by former Marine Jack Shimizu of Guam. Shimizu acquired the diary from a grandson who is married to one of Johnston's descendants.
Klug hopes to make copies of the diary available for public review, likely online. He has returned the original to Shimizu.

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