Friday, April 26, 2013

Camp Lejeune's World War II Day

World War II and the Iwo Jima Battle veterans had their photo taken at Onslow Beach aboard Camp Lejeune Thursday. The retired Marines came to see the static displays of vehicles and some modern weapons.
Chuck Beckley/The Daily News

Hats off to Camp Lejeune for bringing a group of veterans together to honor them and show them modern weapons and vehicles.
“It’s an honor to say thank you to the greatest generation. You did a great job at setting the standard for Marines and sailors today. We stand on your shoulders.” - Brig. Gen. James Lukeman, the commanding officer of the 2nd Marine Division.
 Reading the article, it is easy to see the respect goes both ways.  Veterans are thankful for our current volunteer forces protecting us.  Active duty members are soaking up the stories the veterans tell them.

“They laid the foundation for today’s military. Their blood, sweat and tears led us to be the fighting force we are today. [When they are gone] their stories will be hearsay rather than by word of mouth which will be sad.”
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