Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6, 1941 - Greece and Yugoslavia Invaded

German, Hungarian, and Italian forces invade Yugoslavia and Greece. The Battle of Greece is also known as Operation Marita. When Operation Marita began on April 6, the bulk of the Greek army was on the Albanian border, from which the Italians were trying to enter Greece. German troops invaded through Bulgaria, creating a second front.

The invasion of Yugoslavia is also known as the April War.  The order for the invasion was put forward in "F├╝hrer Directive No. 25", which Adolf Hitler issued on 27 March 1941.  The country was overwhelmed and as soon as April 17, 1941 the Royal Yugoslav Army submitted their unconditional surrender.

Greece only held out a little longer.  German troops raised the Nazi flag in Athens at the end of April, 1941.